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Reliance 3G GSM SIM Card: Service, Price and Tariffs

1 June 2009 No Comment

Reliance Mobiles and communications recently launched and announced 3G ready GSM SIM cards service in India. Tele Communication critics and professionals are taking it as a great move from reliance as they were solely dependent on their CDMA data Transfer communication technology and that is why their rivals like Airtel, Vodafone, BSNL were giving them tough business competition. As they are now providing GSM based 3G enabled services, we can surely expect some handy competition in the market and service rates will surely go down.

Well as reliance have now launched itself as a 3G ready mobile communication service provider, they have started their advertisement campaigns with basic plans, tariffs and other information about reliance 3g SIM cards and services. Given below are some of the specifications about their services, you might find handy to choose the best plan for yourself:-

1. New connection will cost you 25 Rs. For the New Reliance GSM SIM card only.
2. Local calls and SMS: Re.1
3. National SMS: Rs.1.5
4. National SMS: Rs.1.5
5. STD Calls: Rs. 1.5/-
6. Incoming calls (roaming): Rs. 1/-
7. Free talk time worth Rs 900 to call in Mumbai Maharashtra and Goa
8. Free calls from 11pm to 6am to Reliance CDMA/GSM  network

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